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June 14, 2017 | 9months | GENERAL

The Cyclone Festival of cycling is pleased to be working with the Physiohaus bike fit studio. Physiohaus is equipped to provide a bespoke independent fit service utilizing Retul 3D motion capture technology, guru fit bike and motion capture and gebiomized saddle pressure mapping.

One of the key services on offer that many are not aware of is to be sized accurately for a bike before you buy. The bike industry can be a confusing place and by no means is there a standard when it comes to how bikes size and fit. A 54 or 56 cm bike in one brand can be very different to another, or even different models within the same brand.

Whether you are a recreational rider who simply likes to get out on their bike on the weekend or if you are a professional tour rider or triathlete it makes sense to be sized and fitted before you buy so that whatever brand you are considering matches your experience, riding style, body type and flexibility and the events or goals that you may have.

The fitters at Physiohaus are unique in that we are both physiotherapists that have worked and continue to work with some of the biggest teams in professional cycling and triathlon as both physios and bike fitters. Probably more than anyone in the Uk and Europe. You can be assured that we can offer you accurate impartial advice in terms of suitability of certain bikes or on a bike that you currently own. Most customers come with their own bike, some freshly bought and it can be a little bit of a lottery for that bike to be optimal.

We use both a Guru and Retul fit bikes. Both bikes can essentially be used to look at any bike commercially available or custom frames if absolutely necessary. Each bike has adjustable cranks lengths- often an overlooked fit consideration. The Guru bike has a database of bikes built into its functionality enabling it to quickly go to a certain position powered by motors. It is a quick and accurate process. But like any process there is a skill involved.

For more details come and chat at the event or contact us on 0191 2817703 or

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